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Save time and money with smart features

With artificial intelligence and advanced rules, your business can save significant amounts of time and resources in processing incoming invoices.


Invoice reception

Experience seamless invoice management with Compello. Our system processes invoices automatically and smoothly integrates them into your ERP system. Say goodbye to manual invoice handling.

Automatic Posting

Simplify your repetitive tasks with our automatic posting feature. Leveraging artificial intelligence and smart rules, we automate repetitive invoices that arrive with similar amounts and specifications every month.

PO Match

Effortlessly manage goods receipts with our PO-Match feature. We automatically match invoices to goods received, leaving you with more time to focus on significant tasks. Our system even performs matching at the line level.


Experience hassle-free approval of vouchers. The system sends approvals directly to users online or via an app. We notify approvers by email and even set up reminders to ensure a fluid workflow.

Reporting and Analysis

Our dashboard provides a full overview of your invoice journey. We support integration with third-party solutions for reporting and analysis, making it easier for you to monitor your business operations.


Let invoices flow through the system automatically if it matches what has been agreed upon.

Expense Management

Streamlines the handling of expenses, providing both employees and the finance department with easy access and visibility into expenses and documentation.

Task List

Navigating through the invoices of one or multiple companies becomes straightforward with Compello. Our clear and flexible task list is designed to simplify your job and boost your productivity.

Voucher Editor

Gain a comprehensive overview of your invoice details with our Voucher Editor. All the necessary information is displayed on a single screen, streamlining your workflow.
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Document center

Stores all your documents in a searchable, digital archive in accordance with the requirements for digital storage of documents in Norwegian and Danish accounting law.

Reference Check

With our reference check feature, you can easily link invoice information to the cost bearer in Compello. Extract anything from the invoice, including values, descriptions, or addresses, enhancing your financial oversight.


Manage multiple subsidiaries or handle several clients as an accounting firm? Our Multi-client feature allows you to work with several clients simultaneously, all within the same screen. You can even edit several vouchers in one operation, improving efficiency.

Invoice Firewall

Automates the control of incoming e-invoices, corrects errors, and sends instructions to suppliers for correction.


Simplifies the ordering process by managing supplier agreements, invoice matching against purchase orders, supporting EHF catalogs, and obtaining approval from DFØ for public contracts.

All you need on your mobile

In the app, you have all the functions to process invoices, whenever and wherever.

Connect to 40 ERP Systems

Compello offers integrations to more than 40 ERP systems. This means you'll benefit from reliable integrations that significantly shorten the implementation period.
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See how it works

See the flowchart of how Compello works and try our interactive demo.
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