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Automated Invoice Processing

Automate over 90% of incoming invoices and enjoy the system freeing up time and resources.

Guaranteed 80% automation within 6 months.

Discover Compello

We combine AI with 25 years of experience, ensuring that you spend less time on invoice management.

Enhance Productivity with Automation

By integrating invoice handling with your existing ERP system, you'll gain increased control and time savings, allowing for the allocation of resources to more valuable tasks.

Increased Control and Insight

Compello provides greater control and traceability throughout the entire invoice process. Our comprehensive dashboard consolidates all data, offering the ability to analyze and make informed decisions.

Minimize Errors and Risks

Manual handling of invoices often leads to human errors. By automating your invoice handling, you can significantly reduce these errors and enhance accuracy.

Save time with smart features

Compello is full of features for easier invoice flow and intelligent accounting. Here are just some of them.
Invoice Receipt

Invoice Receipt

Experience seamless invoice management with Compello. Our system processes invoices automatically and smoothly integrates them into your ERP system. Say goodbye to manual invoice handling. 

Task List

Task List

Navigating through the invoices of one or multiple companies becomes straightforward with Compello. Our clear and flexible task list is designed to simplify your job and boost your productivity.
Voucher Editor

Voucher Editor

Gain a comprehensive overview of your invoice details with our Voucher Editor. All the necessary information is displayed on a single screen, streamlining your workflow.
Automatic Posting

Automatic Posting

Simplify your repetitive tasks with our automatic posting feature. Leveraging artificial intelligence and smart rules, we automate repetitive invoices that arrive with similar amounts and specifications every month.


Experience hassle-free approval of vouchers. The system sends approvals directly to users online or via an app. We notify approvers by email and even set up reminders to ensure a fluid workflow.

See what you can save

Our top customers automate over 90% of the tasks related to invoice management and thus save significant amounts of time and money.

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Based on the information you have provided, we estimate that you can save the following:

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705 hours
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Satisfied customers

More than 6,000 users streamline their invoice handling with Compello. This is what they say about us.

We have freed up resources that can now focus on more value-creating tasks, and at the same time reduced the costs associated with manual labor and error handling.

International Humanist and Ethical Union

The decision to streamline the invoice handling routine and invest in new systems has resulted in a net saving of approximately 400,000 kroner. A significant amount that gives more back to the association and its members.

Aprila Bank

Compello is surprisingly easy to use and clear. I save a lot of time on the repetitive invoices, and it's easy to set rules and understand the software!

Aprila Bank gains superpowers with Compello.
The Norwegian Medical Association

We have automated almost all of our processes - when we invoice, we don't see the invoice; we just initiate a step-by-step process.

Fram Real Estate

By automating and digitizing routine tasks, we free up time and resources that can be used to explore new ideas, improve existing systems, and further develop Fram Property's vision.


It's a dream to end up in the cloud service. The infrastructure is so much simpler.

Gunnar Holt Gravel Business

We were pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to switch from another system to Compello. [...] It's easy to work with multiple companies at the same time, and a major advantage for us is that you can approve no matter where you might be.

Lagunen Shopping Centre and Commercial Park

With Compello, we've seen substantial time savings with an efficient, secure, and speedy invoice process. This has resulted in both time and cost savings

Why Norway's largest shopping center chose Compello.

Connect to 40 ERP Systems

Compello offers integrations to more than 40 ERP systems. This means you'll benefit from reliable integrations that significantly shorten the implementation period.
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