About us

We’re simplifying the invoice reception, invoice approval and invoicing procedure of the future, as well as facilitating other processes that involve moving electronic documents for our customers. Through automation, digitalisation and improved methods, we’re creating a friction-free, secure and more efficient document flow that paves the way for more intelligent accounting.

Who we are

At Compello, we currently have about 90 employees at four offices in Oslo, Larvik, Stockholm and Colombo (Sri Lanka). With 40 per cent women among the employees, we are among the leading IT companies, and we have a broad composition of background and age among the employees. We are an Environmental Lighthouse and we are also a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. In total, we have around 1,000 customers and turnover for around NOK 110 million.

Compellos history

Management at Compello

Our vision

Simplify the future of business

By automating and improving the distribution of business documents and enable intelligent accounting we aim to simplify the future of businesses.

What do we do

Compello delivers what are often referred to as pre-systems. Our solutions build a bridge between the company's ERP system and the documents that are sent to and from customers and suppliers. Our cloud-based solutions can be integrated against all types of ERP systems.

By using our solutions you will achieve

  • a more efficient finance department
  • more secure document management
  • more intelligent accounting and bookkeeping
  • a more environmentally friendly profile by cutting the use of paper invoices

Our Solutions

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Environmentally conscious and socially committed

Compello commits itself to being a responsible company and employer. To build a culture that fosters diversity, encourages innovation and is environmentally conscious, we have chosen to focus corporate social responsibility on the following areas:

  • Diversity
  • Social engagement
  • Environment

Corperate Social Responsebility in Compello

Contact us

If you want to know more about what we can offer your business, please contact us for an informal call.

If you are already a customer, we would like to talk to you as well. Feedback from our customers is important so we can improve our solutions.

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