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Our services allow you to implement a completely paper-free working day, along with a simple and secure process for the approval and distribution of invoices and other documents.

EN Service Overview

Incoming document processing

A major time lapse in organizations and companies is the processing of incoming invoices, vouchers and other documents. With our solutions, you can easily automate incoming invoices and travel bills, approve where you want with our app and send the information to your accounting system.

Outgoing document processing

An invoice is no longer an invoice, which falls into the mailbox. Private customers, and businesses, are making demands on how they want to pay for their goods and services, and there are many opportunities. E-invoice, SMS or PEPPOL. Our solutions support the vast majority of invoice channels - and you decide which ones you want to offer.

Services adapted to your industry.

We supply services that can be adapted to match your industry. Efficient reception and distribution of invoices, combined with excellent solutions for travel expenses and driving journals, can help your organisation save both time and money.

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