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“Receive” is the name we use for various services designed to improve the efficiency of entering external documents – primarily invoices and travel expense records – in the accounts. Receive comprises services that make work easier, faster and cheaper for you, and which improve accuracy at the same time as eliminating time-consuming routine operations.

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Our customer base principally comprises large and medium-sized enterprises with an ERP system from an international provider or a bespoke sector solution. A common trait of these ERP systems is that they do not feature a well-functioning, automated option for receiving invoices.

Our solutions make no demands regarding how far your finance department has come in implementing automated and digitally mature work methods. Regardless of your starting point, we can supply services that raise your level as high as is digitally possible at any given time.

Access point

This is the fundamental infrastructure when companies are to receive (or send) EHF invoices. An access point is an electronic “hub” for the distribution of EHF invoices in the PEPPOL network.

Invoice reception

Invoice reception is a service whereby we digitalise all hard-copy invoices that arrive at the company and convert them into EHF invoices, ready for the user’s ERP system. We are a postal reception centre for hard-copy invoices, which we then scan, interpret and verify before converting them into EHF format. We operate the email inbox for invoices received as PDF files, which we similarly interpret, verify and convert to EHF.

Invoice reception is a service that saves you both time and investments, while simultaneously improving accuracy at a time when more and more invoices are being sent and received as EHF – and when paper and PDF are becoming less common. This service ensures that your invoice reception process is 100% digital from the start.

Invoice interpreter

The invoice interpreter analyses incoming invoices, freeing up time for your bookkeeping staff. Our invoice interpreter uses experience data from all our customers to determine how an invoice is to be interpreted. The longer you have been a user – and the more customers are added – the better the interpreter becomes.

PDF Collector

PDF Collector is an extremely useful service for everyone who receives invoices and other key documents as PDF attachments to emails. Our service automatically extracts the attachment and prepares it for further processing in the flow system

Travel expenses

We like to say that our solution for travel expenses constitutes the perfect balance between user-friendliness for the employees, and the needs of the finance department for control and efficiency. Employees work with an app that is quick and simple to use, and the document flow to approval and on to entry into the accounts eliminates friction for both the travelling employee and the accounts staff.

Contact us

We are here to answer any questions you have, or to help you get started with our solutions.