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What do I do if I get the message "Clear error documents before exporting"?

Empty the error list by going to Admin Client setupclient Reactivate documents. Invoices in this list have crashed and will block the transfer of new invoices. Select each invoice and click Reactivate. The invoice will become active again and you can find in in the worklist with status Partly Posted.

How do I change my password?

If you usually log in with your email address and AD password then you need to contact your own IT Department for this. However, if you have a normal login you can change your own password in the login window. Once you have entered your user name and present password, click Change Password. If you can't remember your present password, get in touch with support@compello.com.

How do I change or remove items from the Accounting History?

You cannot edit or remove invoices from the Accounting History, but new qualifying invoices will always be added and the display order is decided by how often they are picked for use. Thus the most popular historical invoice will be shown first.

Why can't I see any invoices in the worklist for the client(s) I am working with?

It may be that your worklist is filtered to show other clients. Click on the field to the right of the AU status filter at the top of the Worklist: you can see if all clients hve been selected, or just certain ones. Check the clients whose invoices you want to include on the list. Then select either Default if you want to always use that selecttion, or Add filter if you want that selection just for this session.

My report is saved as XML - how can I open it in Excel?

At the moment running report to Excel will give you a report with xml-file type.
You can do 1 of 4 things:
1. Open Excel, press Open file and go to Downloads folder. Find relevant xml-file and press Open.
2. Change app settings for xml-files to always open in Excel
3. Report will be found in Downloadsfolder - change file type from .xml to .xlsx
4. In Downloads, right click on file and choose "open with" - Excel

How do I print out the invoice image in Process?

1) Click the Download icon in the upper right-hand corner of the invoice image.
2) Choose whether you want one or all pages, and what, if any of the coding values you want to include.
3) Click Download. The invoice will be saved as a PDF file in your Downloads folder.
4) If nothing is downloaded, check at the top on the right of your browser - often you will see a little red dot. If you hold the pointer over that dot you may get a message about a pop-up blocker and the chance to permit pop-ups. Allow pop-ups in order to download images from Compello, especially when the images consists of several pages.

I have a few extra receipts. How do I add a couple of extra pages to an invoice?

You can drag in a PDF and thereby add it to the existing invoice in Compello Process. Just click on the pdf fil, drag it over to the invoice image in Compello Process and drop it there. It will be added as extra pages to that invoice.

How do I send an invoice back to Compello from my ERP system?

If you can, try to send the invoice back to Compello from the ERP system you use or from its integration. If that isn't possible, in Compello Process, click the Admin option and select Client setup clientReactivate transaction. Enter the archive number of the invoice you want to reactivate and click the search symbol. Mark the invoice that appears and then click Reactivate. You will then find the invoice, active in the worklists with status Partly Posted. You can now check the coding values, change things and in the end change the status to Fully POsted again to retry transfer to your ERP system.

What do I do if the invoice I was trying to transfer comes back with status "Partly Posted"?

This means that the tranfers of the invoice to you ERP system didn't work for some reason. Usually this will be because the invoice contains data that the ERP system doesn't like, or lacks something that is required. Check first in the ERP Ref field in the invoice header. Depending on the integration, this will often contain an error message. Look at how the invoice is posted, especially dates, whether all necessary fields have been filled in etc. Make any changes that seem necessary. Change the status to Fully Posted and try once more. If the invoice is sent back again, or the error message doesn't help, send a message to support@compello.com. Tell us as much as you can about which invoice(s) it is (client and archive number) and what you have tried.

What do I do if the invoice gets exported out of Compello but I can't find it in my ERP system?

If the invoice doesn't appear in your ERP system check:
1) Has the invoice really been exported from Compello? If you can find it in the worklist, and can change things, then it has not been exported. Check that all rows are approved by all approvers and whether anything is missing.
2) Can you see the invoice in Compello with status "Partly Posted". In that case the invoice has been returned from you financial system. Check the FAQ for that.
3) The invoice has been exported out of Compello but has not come up in the ERP. Send a messae to us at support@compello.com and tell us as much as you chan about which invoice it is and what has happened.

Why hasn't the supplier been registered on this invoice?

These are the things you should check first:
1) That the supplier is in the supplier list in Compello.
2) Both of the two key fields (usually bank account and VAT number) are correctly registered.
3) Neither of the two key fields are duplicated elsewhere in the supplier list for the client.
3) The key fields in he suplier list match what is actually on the invoice.
4) The key field data on the invoice is legible (for "OCR" invoices)

If all of thises are correct, send a message to support@compello.com and give us the supplier, client and archive number of the invoice.

How can I remove a page from an invoice once it is in Compello?

If the invoice has come out to the Worklist, you will need to send it bak to Document Import.
1) Double click the invoice in the list to open it.
2) Hold the cursor over the icon near the upper left-hand cornder, that is a downwards arrow with a little tick on it, until you see the other choices
3) Choose "Back to Import".
5) Open Document Import where you will find the invoice. Its filename will be "Rescan + archive number".
6) Double click on that line to open it - you will see the other pages from it below.
7) select the page you wan to remove and then click the trash can just above the images (important*) to remove it, or the split icon if you want to make that page into its own invoice.
(* Don't use the trash can ikon to the right of the screen as that will take the whole invoice out of the workflow).
8) Send the invoice back tothe Worklist.

What do I do when I find an invoice with status "Partly Posted" but it is already posted in my ERP system?

Tell us - support@compello.com -Tell us which invoicve it is (client -id and archive number). We will investigate this and also change the status in Compelo so it displays correctly as exported and "Fully Posted".

I have a distribution rule to send to a second approver - but it doesn't work. What do I do?

1) Check that your rule applies to the invoice . e.g is is for the supplier line or the other lines?
2) Make sure that "In order" is selected as default for that client in Admin?Client setupclientWorkflow.

Will Compello Process flag it up if the same invoice is imported twice?

Yes, but you have to have the right setup
1) In AdminSettingsGeneral, make sure that there is a tick for Duplicate control.
2) In AdminClient setupclientDocument type, make sure that all Doc.types have a Document Group - e.g. that Doc.type "IF" is classifed as "Invoice".
If an invoice comes in that has the samme supplier and invoice number as an exisiting invoice in COmpello Process, the document type on the newer version will change to DUBLETT. Invoices with Doc.Type DUBLETT kannot be exported.

How do I get the system to enter the right VAT code automatically when I enter the GL account?

You can do this by creating rules. You will find more information about creating rules in our Support vides. Clicko n the the "?" on the left-hand side of the Worklist in Process, and choose Support videos. There is lots of help there, including about rules.

How can I hide fields I don't use?

The fields you see and what you can do with them are controlled from AdminTransaction Setup. You can make personal alterations to what you see if they are not in conflict with the central setup. You can hide or reveal a field so long as it is not mandatory to either see it/not see it or fill it in in AdminTransaction Setup. To make changes, click on the icon for Columm Setup (a spreadsheet with a cogwheel in the corner) either for header fields - at the top right-hand corner of the Worklist, or for invoice rows (just above the rows of in open invoice). You can save your changes either permenantly or just for the one session.

How do I enter data on an invoice?

Some fields, e.g. Invoice No or Userdef6 are text fields and you can write in whatever you want so long as you have access. Other fields, especially at row level, are table fields where you can search or and enter data which is in a table - e.g. Supplier or Project. Enter part of the code or the description to get a list of suggestions. So if you want account 6360 - Cleaning in Debit, you can write in "63" in the field to see all accounts conaining "63". If you know the whole code you can type it all in. When you have the right value, press ENTER or TAB to select it and go on to the next field.

When I enter a certain supplier in Credit, I keep getting a debit account that I don't want. How can I get rid of it?

If you find that values are coming into fields automatically while you are entering data, there are probably rules that are being activated by what you are entering. You can see these rules by clicking the Rules icon (like a filled out sheet of paper on the left side of the Worklist). Rules open in their own tab. Choose the right client and see if you can find a rule that explains what is happening. You can edit or delete the rule and also choose whether it is permitted to overwrite the value that comes in the "Then" part of the rule or not.

All my incoming invoices are being sent automatically tothe same approver. How can I stop this?

If he only thing these invoices have in common is that they are for instance Accounts payable thaen it is possible that someone has created a rule to send all invoices to one user based only on the document type. You can't over rule these or create exceptions so you need to find out if you really want a rule that works like that.

You can see these rules by clicking the Rules icon (like a filled out sheet of paper on the left side of the Worklist). Rules open in their own tab. Choose the right client and see if you can find a rule that explains what is happening. You can edit the rule so it works only when you want it, or delete it.

I have been sent an invoice for approval. Can I create a new row on it?

Yes you can, so long as the System setting Only bbookkeepers to create new rows is not selected. You can create a new row by clicking the "+" above the rows or use fast key Alt+Ctrl+N. If your only access is to Approval then any new row will automatically be sent to you as well, though you can also add other users as well. If you are a Bookkeeper as well as an Approver, then new rows will not be sent to you unless you do so and you will have to choose at least one approver for that row, whether it is you or others.

I need to code a complicaed invoice on several rows. How can I see what I did last time?

If there are some exported invoices from the same supplier and with the same document type as the one you are working on, you can use the Accounting History function (NB - Contact support@compello.com to get this activated). Click on the folder icon abov the invoices lines. If you have enough older invoices for that supplier, you will see them here. Choose the one that best matches what you want to do with the new invoice and then choose if you want to import the rows with or without approvers. The row amounts on you new invoice will reflect the proportions of the invoices whose lines you use.

Why am I getting a message in BizTrans that there are no invoices to be transferred, when I know there are?

If the invoices you are trying to transfer are set til Partly Posted in Compello, but the message in BizTrans says there is nothing ready, it looks as if one or more invoices may have crashed either now or earlier. They are between systems and causing a blockage. Check first in AdminClient setupclinetReactivate transactions. Invoices that crash will usually be found there. Select one at a time and click "Reactivate". You will find them in the Worklist with status Partly posted. If you can't find any invoices there, drop us a line at support@compello.com and let us know as much as you can about the problem.

Can I copy the contents of a table from one client to another?

Ja, det kan du.
Forutsetninger er at:
1) Du kopierer fra og til samme dimensjon - dvs fra Dim 3 til Dim 3
2) Tabellene må ha samme navn i oppsett.

Her er det du gjør:

I Admin/Klientoppsett, finn klienten du vil kopiere fra og klikk på de små arkene.
Velg Kopier oppslagstabeller.
Marker tabellen du vil kopiere
Velg klienten du skal kopiere til
Klikk Kopier.

Why can't I find my dimensions in the list of search crieria in Advanced Search?

If you have defined dimensions with names (e.g. Department, Project etc) there are a couple of things you have to do in order to see then in Advanced Search.
Check you have given the dimensjons a name in the correct language column in AdminClient setupclientPosting line names.
Make the field visible in all relevant setups in AdminTransaction Setup. If the field isn't visible there, you cannot use it as a search criteria in Archive either.

Once you have made the changes, log out and in again, go to Advanced Search, choose your client and you will then see the correct dimension with its name, in the list of things you can search for.

How can I see who made a change inn Setup?

Changes made in Setup in Process are logged. You can see shat was done and who did it in AdminChange log if you have Global access to Process.

Can I copy refence lists from one client to another?

Yes you can. The lists must have the same name for both clients and be in the same dimension (e.g, Project must be in Dimensjon 2 for both clients).
Click Admin and choose the client you will copy to (e.g. Acme).
To the right of the client name, you will see an icon like to cheets of paper. Click on that.
Choose the client youwant to copy from (e.g client Beta)
Check the box for Copy reference lists.
Choose which table(s) you want to copy (e.g Project)
Click Copy. Now the Project tabel for Beta has been copied to Acme.

NB. Make sure that what you copy is right in your ERP system

Can I delete an approver from all rows of an invoice at once?

Yes, you can. Click in the invoice header (i.e, not row 1 but the row at the top where you see the Doc.type and Invoice No) - and you will see an overfview of all approvers on all rows. If you then click the trach can beside the name of the person you want to remove, they will be removed from all the rows they had on that invoice.

Why can't I match my purchase order invoice?

Here are a few things you can check - if they don't enable you to solve the problem alone, the information you gain will help us to help you.

1) Check that the PO has come over to Compello by searching for Order ref in Advanced Search. You should see a minimum of one PO (not invoice). If not then the PO has not come over from your purchase system and that is the problem that has to be addressed
2) If you find the PO in Compello, check that the supplier is the same as the supplier on the invoice.
3) If you find the PO in Compello, make sure it is updated with the receipt of goods you need. Check also that there is a unit price and volume for that row.
4) Check that the Order ref field onthe invoice is correctly filled out with the PO number from the PO.

If these things don't solve the problen, send an email to support@compello.com and tell us as much as you can about the problem so we can investigate.

Can another user deal with my invoices when I am away?

You can set up a Deputy for the time you are away - click the cogwheel ikon and choose Set deputy. If you are an administrator you can set up deputies for other users in AdminUsers.
The way it works is that invoices are sent to you as usual. If you log on first, you can approve your invoices. But if the deputy logs on before you, any invoices sent to you will be approved ofr you and sent on to the deputie. The Deputy setup will not include any invoices that are already in your inbox.

Where can I see all the invoices I have approved?

If you are an appover then youhave an option in Process - Previously approved, where you can see all the invoices you have approved earlier. However, if you have approved a lot of invoices, it may be easier to click on the magnifying glass icon to open Advanced Search. Her you can narow down your search with dates, amounts, suppliers, Prosjekts or whatever.