Travel expense

Travel expenses and outlays often cause headaches for both employees and finance departments. An efficient, user-friendly app is sure to result in satisfied employees. Just as importantly, perhaps, it is an excellent solution for your bookkeeping staff.

Sonya Overview

Perfect control

Establish a broad overview of all your outlays, categorised by project and journey

Sonya Receipt

Just click

No more hard-copy receipts. Simply take a photo of the receipt and then you can throw it away.

Sonya Kjorebok

Maps included

User-friendly driving journal based on maps, which also calculates road tolls.

Effective for both the approver and the bookkeeper

Registering and approving travel expenses is often a major headache for employees and finance departments alike. It is highly time-consuming and often involves non-intuitive solutions for both the employee and the finance department.

As we think it is important to do something about this situation.

Therefore we supply an app for registering travel and outlays that is fully integrated with our invoice approval service. This solution provides your company with a service that helps your employees and your finance department to work more efficiently.

Sonya and PROCESS – your key to a more efficient working day.

Man typing on a mobile phone

Why Sonya?

We at Compello are committed to being the best at what we do best, namely the reception, approval and distribution of invoices and other attachments and documents.

Our focus is on making the working day as efficient as possible for finance departments all over the world. We are well aware that it is impossible to be best at everything, which is why we have entered into a working relationship with the player who is best at registering travel expenses and outlays.

This working relationship allows us to devote all our attention to data flow between Sonya and our own invoice approval service – meaning that you, our customer, enjoy the best of both worlds.

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