Automate 100% of your invoice reception

Less work. More time.

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All invoices directly in your ERP

If you receive thousands of invoices in a year, but find that invoices in e-mails are disappearing and you are bored by entering invoices manually - then Compello is the service for you. 

Invoices are imported straight to your ERP system with automation and AI. You can cut all manual tasks that comes with receiving an invoice and have a more efficient workday!


Supports most formats (PEPPOL BIS og EHF 3.0)

from 2 weeks


in the cloud

always latest version

99,7% uptime

stabil service

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No more paper invoices

Compello scans and converts your invoices to a digital format and send them to your ERP system. Compello reads and interpret your invoices with one of the industry's best digital invoice readers (OCR).

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Interprets most documents

Compello invoice reception can receive and interpret most documents. In addition to invoices and credit notes, the service receives product catalogs, orders and other types of trade messages such as reminders, travel invoices, agreements and letters.

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Avoid late fees

No more invoices past due. All your received invoices are sent straight to your ERP system, so you wont forget to pay it in time. 

«Now we are down to only 5-10 percent paper invoices. It saves us a lot of time!»

- Mette Blindheimsvik, Sildesalgslaget

«We chose Compello's solution because it is a standard solution without much need for tailoring. Everything was in place within two weeks.»

- Annelie Ehn, Extenda Retail Sverige

Benefits of Compello invoice receipt

Drop scanning

We receive, open, interpret and import all paper invoices. You receive a digital invoice in your ERP.


The service retrieves all invoices you receive by e-mail and send it to your ERP, automatically!

Cloud archive

All invoices and vouchers are stored automatically in a secure and digital archive with an excellent search function.

Save time and money

You save up to 18 minutes and 91 kroner per invoice you receive with Compello.