Integration with ERP

Strong financial control is a key factor for success, and a robust finance system will help your organisation establish a good overview and tight control of your finances. Our solutions are designed for integration with most major ERP systems.

Our services optimise the reception and processing of incoming invoices, but for you to make the very most of this, you have to transfer all the financial data over to your ERP system.

We place a great emphasis on integration and our solutions can easily be integrated into most ERP systems.

  • Fortnox
  • Quick Systems
  • Microsoft D365 Business Central
  • Microsoft D365 Finance and Operations
  • Maritech
  • SAP Business One
  • Visma
  • xLedger
  • 24 Sevenoffice

If the ERP system you use is not on the list above, give us a call and we will see about finding a good solution for your organisation, too.

Utilize your data

Accounting figures and data are rarely in short supply at most organisations, but how can we utilise all these data to make our working day simpler and more flexible?

The first step is to implement an integration, and it is easy to integrate our services with most common ERP systems. The next step is for smart minds to come up with smart solutions for utilising all the historical data.

And that is precisely what we at Compello have done.

Get in touch

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