Approval and booking

The vast majority of costs linked to an organisation arrive in the form of an invoice. With PROCESS you get an innovative cloud service for distribution, approval and booking of all incoming invoices. Maintain tight control of your costs with PROCESS.



Automatic or manual distribution to approvers.



Approval via a smartphone or web app.



Separate module featuring smart solutions for the accounting department.

In almost all cases, your organisation will receive an invoice before you can send one. Expenses arise before income. They may be related to everything from power or the purchase of a computer, to materials you need to complete a major project.

Checking incoming invoices ensures an overview of future costs and good conditions for paying on time. Compello PROCESS gives you:

  • Flexible work lists
  • Simple, user-friendly processing of attachments
  • A separate module for accounting staff, with the option of automated accounting
  • A straightforward workflow
  • Approval via the web or with a separate app
  • The option to set conditions for approvers
  • Good search options
  • Perhaps the best support in the industry
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A smarter working day

Our mission is to make the working day easier for accounting staff all over Norway. Approval of incoming invoices and booking the data they contain remains a time-consuming manual assignment at many organisations.

Automatic Distribution

Automatic distribution

Using sets of rules, administrators can automate the distribution of invoices and attachments to the appropriate approvers. Let the system handle the dull and repetitive tasks for you so that you can concentrate on more important things.

Temp Approver

Temporary approver

Invoices do not take holidays – but the people tasked with approving them do. Don’t forget invoices; set up a temporary approver. Our service makes it easy for all approvers to set up temporary replacements for short or long periods, ensuring that no invoices are forgotten.

Automatic Coding

Automatic coding

Many invoices arrive monthly, featuring the same sum and specifications. Why do the same job every month? The option to apply smart rules makes it simple to automate the accounting of repeating invoices.

By developing user-friendly services with smart solutions that help automate a wide range of manual assignments, we’re making the working day more efficient for bookkeepers all over the world.

Our services includes many features that will make your day more efficient:

  • Protocols and authorization matrices
  • Easy approval of invoices and attachments
  • Invoice archive with different levels of access
  • Administration and security module
  • Smarter accounting with posting based on historical invoices
  • Match invoices with purchase orders

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