PROCESS is a suite of independent, cloud-based services for the approval and booking of invoices and other financial documents. You can view PROCESS as a supplement to your ERP system for automating and streamlining your processing of invoices and other attachments.

PROCESS comprises a suite of user-friendly services that make the internal processing and transfer of documents more secure and more efficient. At the same time, full control and intelligent solutions will help increase the flexibility and efficiency of the invoice flow.

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Briefly put, the service imports invoices and other attachments, interprets the data and readies the invoice for approval and accounting.

Here are some of the key functions:

  • Automatic import of electronic invoices (EHF)
  • Automatic import of PDF invoices in emails
  • Manual import of invoices using “drag & drop”
  • Automatic distribution of invoices to approvers
  • Approval/authorisation via the web or an app
  • Rule-based and/or automated bookkeeping
  • Administration of access management and clients
  • Archive with excellent search options
  • Integration with ERP system

Compello PROCESS gives you a complete, cloud-based service for processing all incoming supplier invoices and attachments. With our service you are able to automate the entire invoice flow.

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Why not simply use my ERP-system?

While it is true that the major developers of ERP systems, such as SAP, Oracle and Microsoft, do a lot of work with innovation and the optimisation of their solutions, they are multinational companies that develop solutions intended for a global market.

However, the processing of financial documents is generally governed by local regulations and formats, and varies from one country to the next. As local adaptations of this kind are rarely featured in the heavyweight ERP systems, the possible solutions are therefore: 1) develop your own solution, or 2) use a third-party solution.

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