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23 October 2023

Release 2

Changed naming of status fields, and change in how the user defines and sees what is set as the default status.

Status field names

We are changing the names of two status fields.

  1. Post. status (Posting status) changes to Document status
  2. AU status (Distribution status) changes to Approval status

We are also moving the field names to labels above the dropdown fields, instead of inside the field itself.



Default status

We are making it more intuitive to view and change the default status.


Default status is set in the user settings menu


Default status is set directly in the status field, and is indicated with a star icon.  The default can easily be changed to another status directly in the dropdown field.

The blue star indicates that “All” is set as default for Document status.

User is in the process of switching default status from ‘All’ to ‘Not distributed’.

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