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Compello for Real Estate

If you work with property management, there's much to save by using Compello for handling incoming invoices.
Guaranteed 80% automation within 6 months


Here are some of the benefits of Compello for real estate:

Project-Based Accounting

We identify project numbers from invoices and use this for automation.


Multiple subsidiaries? With Compello, you can handle multiple companies and automate in one worklist.


We promise to achieve 80% automation within 6 months, with a goal of 95% within 2 years.


Free support with very high customer satisfaction.


Compello owns all integrations themselves, ensuring much closer monitoring and a short path from need to delivery.


Integrated with Visma Connect and Visma Approval. Built-in support for Visma Business, Visma Global. Strong support for Visma.net for Branches.

Easy Transition

Easy transition from existing ERP to a new ERP, only 5-10 hours of work.

House of Control

Combine Compello and House of Control to automate invoice approval against contracts.


Can automate electricity invoices by identifying meter numbers.

How Compello Works

Compello is full of features that simplify invoice management and accounting. Here are just a few of them.
  • 01 Receiving
  • 02 Interpretation
  • 03 Approval
  • 04 Accounting
  • 05 ERP


You receive an invoice either by mail, PDF, or EHF.


Our interpreter reads through the invoice and searches for relevant information with an accuracy of 99.6%.


The invoice is automatically sent for approval based on the information interpreted from the invoice.


Based on rules and artificial intelligence, the invoice is ready to be accounted for with just one click.


Once all approvers have approved the invoice, it is sent directly to your financial system.


See what you can save

With Compello, you can automate up to 90% of the tasks related to invoice handling. See how much this can save you in time and money.

Time and cost calculator

You can save

Based on the information you have provided, we estimate that you can save the following:

Time savings per year
705 hours
Cost savings per year

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Satisfied Customers

Over 6,000 customers are streamlining their invoice handling with Compello. Here's what they have to say about us.

Fram eiendom
Fram eiendom

By automating and digitizing routine tasks, we free up time and resources that can be used to explore new ideas, improve existing systems, and further develop Fram Eiendom's vision.

This is what Fram Eiendom does with the time they save (norwegian).


Compello has integration with over 40 ERP systems. Therefore, you can get started quickly and smoothly.

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