About us

Compello develops services for simpler invoice management and intelligent accounting. Every year, over a thousand companies throughout Europe save a lot of time and get paid faster with our smart invoicing services and fantastic support.
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Everything started in 1996 🚀

Compello was founded in 1996 to defeat time thieves and cut manual tasks in invoice and document management. Since then, our services have provided small and large finance departments around the world more time to work on more valuable tasks.


We are owned by Visma, which bought us in 2020.



Compello has a culture with dedicated, brave, and helpful employees who have a twinkle in their eye.

We believe that what makes us different also makes us stronger. Diversity provides better services, is better for the environment, and importantly, makes it more fun to work.

ODA Network

In 2018, we won the ODA Prize for our work on inclusion, which has resulted in almost 40% women in the company.

We currently have 35 employees, of whom 40% are women. In our management team 43% are women.

Our CEO has signed the CEO commitment initiative from ODAxMAK, to promote diversity.



Do you want to become one of us? Find out more about who we are and see our vacant positions.

Careers at Compello (Norwegian)

Corporate Responsibility

At Compello, we believe that paper invoices are overdue. Every year, we cut down 36,000 trees in Norway just to make paper invoices. That's enough to build two new castles!

Our goal is to eliminate paper invoices. So far, our customers have saved the environment approximately 15,000 trees a year, which is a good start.

We are  Eco Lighthouse certified.



The management is a dedicated group with extensive experience in technology. Find out who they are and what they do.

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