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Compello SEND

- Simplified Invoice Distribution

Cut costs and expedite payments.

Streamline Invoice Sending

Do you send more than 1,500 invoices per month or over 20,000 invoices per year? Compello is a service that makes it easy to send a large number of invoices. This eliminates manual invoicing and payment follow-up. You save a significant amount of time and money while increasing the number of customers who pay on time.


Supports most formats (EHF 3.0, PEPPOL BIS)

Swift Implementation

The service can be set up quickly, and you can be up and running within two weeks.

99.7% Uptime

We understand the importance of dependable service when you need it. SEND maintains stable cloud-based operations.

Improved Liquidity

Compello automatically sends your invoices through the most profitable channel for you, ensuring faster payments. You can also easily track customer payments with payment confirmations.


Reduce Invoice Costs

When you send invoices digitally, you eliminate expenses for paper and postage, leading to cost reductions of up to 85%. On average, our clients send 92% of all invoices digitally.

Få raskere betalt

Digital Invoices Get Paid Faster

With Compello, sending digital invoices becomes easier. 85% of customers who receive a digital invoice pay on time. For paper invoices, less than half pay by the due date.

Send faktura til utlandet

Easily Send Invoices Abroad

With Compello, you gain access to the PEPPOL network, enabling you to effortlessly send invoices to the entire EU.

Included in Compello SEND.

✓ Live Status

The dashboard updates in real-time when an invoice is delivered, opened, and paid.

✓ Cloud Archive

All invoices and documents are automatically stored in a secure digital archive with advanced search capabilities.

✓ Dashboard

Complete overview and control of all your sent invoices.

✓ Confirmation

See who has paid invoices from you. You can also identify the most effective payment channels.

✓ Digital Reminder

If a customer doesn't pay on time, a notification is sent from your KIS/ERP to Compello, which then sends a digital reminder.

✓ Statistics

You can observe which channels your customers use for the quickest payments, and together we determine which channels to prioritize.

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