Overview and reporting

The document portal in SEND provides a comprehensive overview of all distributed invoices, and makes it simple to generate daily and monthly reports on all documents you have produced for your customers.

Did you know

Over 4 milion invoices are sent through our services each month.



The portal provides a complete status report on all distributed invoices.



Generate statistics about the payment channels your customers prefer.



See how your customers process their invoices, when they open them, when they pay them etc.

For all organisations, it is essential that payments arrive on time. Payments of accounts outstanding are inextricably linked to liquidity in the organisation.

The invoice and document portal in SEND enables you to maintain tight control of all the invoices your organisation distributes. You can extract data based on a variety of criteria including:

  • How the use of different channels changes over time
  • Which channels result in the fastest processing of invoices
  • Which channels are most effective for the organisation
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Obtain full control of all invoices

The document portal is used to store all invoices for as long as your organisation wishes. The standard period for our service is two months (or 16 months of eInvoices in internet banking), but this can easily be extended as necessary.

If your organisation is set up to include subsidiaries, we can configure the document portal and the reports to handle this situation in a straightforward manner per company.

The portal contains detailed information about all invoices:

  • Time of reception
  • Distribution status
  • Relevant data linked to the invoice
  • Image of the invoice as it appears to the recipient
  • If appropriate, error messages from distribution channels
  • Expanded option for filtering channels, statuses, etc.
  • Option to add comments to each individual invoice
  • Status regarding whether it has been opened
  • Statistics for the different companies

If required, all data in the portal can be made available via a separate API, such that you can present the data in your own customer system.

There is also an option to generate bespoke, customer-specific daily and monthly reports and have them sent to key personnel in your organisation. These reports present a complete overview of all information and statuses available per invoice on a daily or monthly basis.

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Did you know

Over 4 milion invoices are sent through our services each month.