Import and interpretation

Having an automated solution for importing invoices and attachments, combined with a robust system for interpreting the data will put your accounting department well on the way to becoming more efficient.



Automatic import of PEPPOL invoices or PDF attachments in emails.



Interpretation of information in invoices or other attachments to make sure that everything is expensed correctly.

Process Invoice


Once invoices have been imported and interpreted, they are ready for approval and expensing.

Inputting information from an invoice into your systems is often a time-consuming process. Firstly, you have to import the documents, regardless of whether they arrived in digital or hard-copy format, and then you have to interpret the data and make sure they are positioned correctly in whatever invoicing or ERP system you use.

There are two main areas where efficiency can be improved significantly:

  • Importing invoices and other attachments
  • Interpreting the accounts-related data from these invoices

Importing invoices

In PROCESS there are two ways to import invoices and other documents:

  • Automatically by fetching invoices from emails
  • Manually with drag and drop functionality

With RECEIVE you can fully automate invoice reception

Interpreting invoices

Another time consuming task is interpreting and processing accounts-related data from invoices. Our invoice interpreter learns from the preferences of different customers and suppliers so that everyone benefits from optimal interpretation of different types of invoice.

EN Interpreter

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