Energy modules

The energy sector has extensive experience in sharing data across and among companies. This exchange of data is conducted through EDI and messages.

Compello is an active contributor to the ongoing development of EDI, through participation in expert groups in both Norway and Sweden.

Overview of the energy modules Compello EDI supports:

  • eSett
  • NBS
  • NordPool
  • Energinet Danmark
  • Elhub Norge
  • AS4


Standardisation ensures correct conversion in accordance with sector standards, and makes it simpler for other energy companies or other organisations to utilise accessible data.

Energy modules support more than just EIDEL messages; other mission-critical messages in the energy companies – such as finance, banking and distribution messages – can also be sent via our EDI service.

Light Bulb Members

An active contributor

We are members of the Norwegian Elhub and the Swedish Elmarknadshub organisations, and actively contribute our skills and competence to the development of new and improved standards for the energy sector.

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