EDI - secure message exchange in the cloud

Become more efficient

Are there many messages sent between you and your suppliers and customers? Then many systems must communicate well together, often across organizations. EDI is digital message exchange that translates messages between systems, so that they can easily understand each other.

Compello EDI converts formats between different systems so that they understand each other no matter the industry standard or message type. A secure message exchange in the cloud.

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Message exchange across countries

Does your company provide services abroad? Then it is extra important that all systems can exchange messages well. Compello EDI is a flexible solution that converts messages between countries. We have several customers in energy and gas who have secure message exchange with several European markets.

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The energy industry - wind and gas

Message exchange for those who produce wind power and gas, either alone or in combination with pure electricity. Something which Elhub does not cover today. Compello's EDI also supports message exchange with foreign countries and have ready-made modules integrated with the energy companies across countries and in different languages.

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Why choose Compello as your EDI partner?

With over 30 years of experience, we have solutions for all types of message exchange. No matter what information you need exchanged across companies, systems and industries.


Message monitoring

The service constantly monitors the status and activities of all incoming and outgoing messages. This way you can be sure that critical messages will arrive. Good for you when you buy electricity on the stock exchange, so you can be sure that you buy electricity at the right time and get the right price.


Send order, receive order confirmation and send order tracking to end customers.


Send electronic packing slips, customs documents, waybill and tracking.


Communication, reporting of power consumption and trade. We support energy modules from: eSett, NBS, NordPool, Energinett Denmark, Elhub Norway and AS4.


Get data on energy efficiency in your building, like Statsbygg, Simens and GK indoor climate. Compello aggregates data from Elhub and sends it to an app. The app tells when and where the most energy is used - so you have full control over your consumption.

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