Our history

The story of Compello starts back in 1995/97 with the companies Client Computing and Compello Software. In 2011, these two companies merged to form the enterprise we know today as Compello AS, which employs around 80 people at offices in Oslo, Larvik and Stockholm

Compello can trace its history all the way back to 1995 and the company Client Computing Europe. Client Computing focused intently on the exchange of messages between enterprises, and the administrative work associated with these messages. The majority of the company’s customers were in the power industry, where a lot of information has to be exchanged between the different players.

Client Computing was quick to identify the need for “digitalisation”, and went all in on the development of solutions and administration of EDI messages (Electronic Data Interchange) and eInvoices. Through the 1990s and 2000s, Client Computing merged with several companies and gradually became a major player in EDI in Europe.


Client Computing was started with a focus on the exchange of messages between enterprises.


Compello was started with a focus on the reception, processing and approval of incoming invoices


Client Computing and Compello merge into one of the strongest companies within EDI and document processing in Norway


Visma acquires Compello AS

Compello Software was founded in 1997, initially concentrating on solutions for the reception, processing and approval of incoming invoices. At that time, most enterprises sent and received hard-copy invoices – with all the manual processing and filing that entailed. Compello Software spotted an excellent opportunity here and began developing solutions for simplifying and improving processes for receiving and handling incoming invoices.

In 2011, when “digitalisation” started to become something of a buzzword, Client Computing and Compello Software came together. The companies were a perfect match, as they could deliver systems to cover the entire invoicing process – from the moment the invoices arrived, through processing, and on to distribution to the end customers.


Compello are awarded ISV of the year by Microsoft Norway


The merged companies chose to operate under the name of Compello AS.

Since 2011, Compello has continued to work on optimising the entire process of exchanging messages and the processing and distribution of invoices. Even though we have come a long way in 2019, work to process and approve incoming invoices is still relatively time-consuming. And the costs linked to working with hard-copy invoices are high – from both environmental and financial perspectives.

In 2014, we reached a new milestone when we were awarded the title of “Norwegian software company of the year” by Microsoft. The award was presented at the Microsoft annual partner conference in Washington DC in July 2014, and two of our colleagues – Torgeir Letting and Runde Lindseth – were proud to receive the recognition on our behalf. Compello has been a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner since the merger in 2011.

Community engagement and diversity have always been important to Compello, and these aspects have also attracted attention outside the company. In 2018, we won the ODA award for diversity and proportion of women. This is an award of which we are particularly proud, and it is proof that the work we are doing with inclusion is paying off. We are proud to have a workforce that is around 40 per cent female – a level well above the average for software companies in Norway.

As a part of our commitment to focusing on our core business in the Nordic region, we sold our German subsidiary Compello GmbH to an American buyer in 2018.


Compello is awarded ODA Award Organization 2018


What will happen in the Future?

It is likely that the coming years will go down in history as the period when we helped eliminate the last hard-copy invoice, when we moved all invoice processing to cloud-based systems and made giant leaps – in partnership with our customers – in digitalising their financing departments. Our vision is to simplify the future. And that is what we are doing right now – and tomorrow, and the day after that.

The 22.12.2020 Visma AS bought all shares in Compello AS and took over ownership. Read more here.