Corporate responsibility and environmental awareness

Compello undertakes to be a good enterprise and employer. In order to live up to these obligations, we have launched a great many initiatives linked to establishing an environmentally conscious culture that nurtures diversity and encourages innovation.


Social commitment



The people who make up the Compello organisation are to reflect the diversity that is to be found in society and among the customers who purchase our solutions and services. We believe that people from different backgrounds bring different perspectives to the table, creating a team that performs better together. And we know that diversity makes the workplace better and more fun. We are therefore convinced that diversity also reinforces the bottom line in both the long and the short term.

Diversity at Compello has to do with gender equality and a wide spread of ages; it also has to do with people from different backgrounds, and making adjustments to accommodate people with disabilities.

Compello has long been the IT company with the highest proportion of women in its workforce: 40 per cent. Women are represented at all levels in the company, including the management and the Board of Directors. In 2018, we received an award from the ODA Network for our work with gender equality.

In addition to being a gender-equal workplace, we also have a workforce comprising a wide range of ages, as well as people from different areas of society and different countries. Moreover, we are a company that recruits people with physical disabilities and adapts the workplace to suit their particular needs.

Our colleague Martin Polash is just one example of such a recruitment. Not only is Martin a Partner Account Manager at our office in Stockholm, but he is also a fantastic table-tennis player. In a wheelchair. He has been selected to participate in the 2020 Paralympics in Tokyo, and you can follow him all the way to Japan via his blog (LINK).

All employees in Compello 2018

Socially committed

We also work with gender equality and diversity on a broader scale, especially through our sponsorship of Plan International, which works to give children a better future. Through our partnership with Plan International we have supported projects including:

  • #girlstakeover, where 17-year-old Mari was CEO of Compello for a day
  • Plan International’s global campaign for women’s rights
  • Plan International’s global project to combat child marriages

We are a strategic partner of ODA, the leading network in Norway for women employed in the field of technology. We encourage all our female employees to participate in ODA events. Furthermore, we are a partner in the SHEconomy Summit organisation, “Innovation & Tech”. In both 2018 and 2019, Compello’s chief marketing officer joined 30 other female technology managers on a trip to San Francisco to learn from companies including Microsoft, LinkedIn, Facebook, Amazon and Google.

We participate regularly in the Pink Ribbon action and Movember to highlight our support for cancer research.

Mari And Torgeir Girlstakeover 2018


We at Compello work to improve the environment and climate through our customer deliveries, voluntary undertakings and internal guidelines.

In Norway, 200 million electronic invoices are issued on the corporate and private markets every year. Many of these flow through our access point. When 200 million invoices are not printed on paper, this saves more than 70,000 trees. What is more, it cuts the number of transports of paper to printing houses and then on to the final recipients.

We are Eco-Lighthouse certified, which entails the application of strict requirements for responsible, environmentally conscious operation of our Norwegian offices.

In addition, Compello has introduced measures to reduce the number of journeys made and to increase the use of digital meeting technology. This resulted in our cutting the number of flights outside Europe by 40 per cent from 2017 to 2018, and the number of flights inside Europe by 72 per cent.

We prefer and choose to work with partners and suppliers who have relevant environmental certifications. We have tripled the number of certified suppliers over the past four years. (NEW FIGURES AVAILABLE?) We use Microsoft Azure for our cloud services, and our hosting partner is domiciled in a BREEAM-certified building.